The Order of Merit

In other words – The championship table!

Take the combined points scored over the year (Best 6 event scores count only)

Plus THE JOKER IS BACK!!! To be played at any one event, doubles the order of merit score for that event only – must be declared before any play on that day.

Table updated 24/06/22

NameTotalJoker PlayedPlayed Out Of 9
Marc Oldridge178Yes4
Jon White141Yes4
Steve Larner138No4
Gareth Beavors136No4
Sean Elliott135No4
Rob Bourke134Yes3
Ben Evans130Yes4
Phil Whittingham130Yes3
Andy Garner120Yes3
Richard Hardy117No4
Graham Allen115No4
Wayne Holman112No3
Pete McLoughlin104No3
Andy Cable99No3
Andy Paterson98Yes2
Dave Little95No3
Jonty Parkin85No4
Brendan O’Hara84No3
Stuart England81No3
Liam Woodmass69No3
Ellis Horner68No2
Wayne Glover62No2
Chris Hird56No2
Billy Copley55No2
Phil Spark55No2
Ryan Hardcastle53No2
Stuart Walsh53No2
Paul Fellows51No2
Craig Paterson49No2
David Kilvington42No2
John Dempsey34No1
Nathan Clenell28No1
Nigel Croad24No1
Rob Aspinall13No1