Normal rules of Golf apply in all circumstances. Plus we have the following Extra/Amendment rules


The top 32 finishers from the previous year will be entered, new members and finishers below the top 32 can only join in the first round if a player is not available to play and is about to forefit that game.

This is a head to head competition, played per hole.

Handicaps are 3/4 of the difference of the players handicap on the day of playing.

In the event of a player about to get a bye to the next round because his opponent is not available the person knocked out in the previous round has the option to play in place if they are available.

All games must be played as per the parameters set out each for each round – unless exceptional circumstances occur then it is up to David Kilvington’s discretion.


Every members handicaps were reviewed at the end of 2016 using the last three cards which have been handed in, every member was provided a new handicap  before commencement of the 2017 season, as from the start of the 2019 season the maximum handicap has increased to 36.

Full handicaps will be used when playing Thorpe Willoughby Golf Society.

Every event attended each member outside the top 2 will receive 0.6 of a shot back, winner or second place who scores 36 or above will lose 0.4 of a shot for every point over 36.

The top 2 places will lose shots in order of their position depending on their handicap.

1st place will lose 6 shots if handicap is 25 – 36, 4 shots if handicap is 13 – 24 and 2 shots if handicap is 0 – 12.

2nd place will lose half of that – 3 shots if handicap is 25 – 36, 2 shots if handicap is 13 – 24 and 1 shot if handicap is 0 – 12.

New members will have to post three cards before being able to win a trophy and will play off 3/4 of there supplied handicap to a maximum of 21 until we can asses the three cards.

Order of Merit and Joker

The Order of Merit will be decided by scoring the most points over a season. Players take the best scores from 6 of the years events to compete for the trophy and the top four places.

Introduced in 2018 and retained! this Joker can be played at only one event over the year and will double the points scored for that event for the order of merit score only. For a player to play his joker he or she must advise the organiser of the event in the clubhouse (or anytime earlier) but before any commencement of play for that day.

Above all

This is a friendly society and the most important thing is that we enjoy ourselves – friendly discretion can be tolerated as long as it is backed up by other players and does not go against the general rules of golf… but – No Gimmies, we have all seen putts missed from 6 inches!!