Friday November 20th

First Place           Pete Carle                      36 points

Second Place      Pete Mooney                36 Points

Third Place         Gary Patrick                 32 points

Fourth Place      John Gascoigne           31 Points

Fifth Place          Wayne Holman           31 Points

Nearest the pin    Wayne Holman

Two’s competition – rolled over


Friday October 23rd

First Place           Matthew Dunne          31 points

Second Place      Martyn Johnson         29 Points

Third Place         Andy Cable                    29 points

Fourth Place      Billy Copley                   29 Points

Fifth Place          Pete Carle                      28 Points

Nearest the pin    Paul Ryder

Two’s competition – Martyn Johnson

Rudding Park

Friday September 18th

First Place           Andy Garner          35 points

Second Place      Dave Little              33 Points

Third Place        Andy Cable               31 Points

Forth Place       Rob Sharpley            31 Points

Fifth Place        Chris Hird                   30 Points

Nearest the pin    Matthew Dunne

Morning par three competition

Winner Andy Cable

Two’s  –    Andy Garner

Forest Pines

Friday August 21st

First Place           Mal Sharpley                 35 points

Second Place      Nigel Croad                   32 Points

Third Place         Billy Copley                    31 points

Fourth Place      Rob Sharpley                 30 Points

Fifth Place        Andy Pendlebury          28Points

Nearest the pin     Martyn Johnson

Two’s competition – Rolled over

Rocliffe Hall

Friday July 24th

First Place           Gareth Beavors            34 points

Second Place      Sean Elliott                     34 Points

Third Place         Clint Smith                    33 points

Fourth Place      Lee Warner                    31 Points

Fifth Place        Martyn Johnson            30 Points

Nearest the pin     Andy Cable

Two’s competition – Jointly won by – Stuart Davison – Martyn Johnson and Gareth Beavors

Morning Team Competition winning a sleeve of balls each

Stuart Davison – Wayne Holman – Andy Garner & Mark Thompson

KP Club

Saturday June 20th

First Place           Dave Little                     40 points

Second Place      Matthew Dunne           32 Points

Third Place         Sean Elliott                    32 points

Fourth Place      Dave Ward                      32 Points

Fifth Place        Nigel Croad                       29Points

Nearest the pin     Matthew Dunne

Two’s competition – Split three ways – Lee Warner – Wayne Holman – Andy Garner

Howley Hall

Friday May 22nd

First Place           Lee Warner                      31 points

Second Place      George Reay                   31 Points

Third Place         Mark Thompson          23 points

Fourth Place      Andy Cable                      23 Points

Fifth Place        John Gascoigne              22 Points

Nearest the pin     Wayne Holman

Two’s competition – Rolled Over

Morning Team Competition winning a sleeve of balls each

John Dempsey

John Gascoigne

Wayne Holman

Shaun Davison

Romanby Golf and Country Club

Saturday April 18th

First Place           Paul Ryder                      36 points

Second Place      Stuart Davison             35 Points

Third Place         Sean Elliott                    34 points

Fourth Place      Andy Garner                  32 Points

Fifth Place        Martyn Johnson            31 Points

Nearest the pin     Martyn Johnson

Two’s competition – Wayne Holman

Hollins Hall

Saturday March 21st

First Place           Clint Smith                     32 points

Second Place      Stuart Davison             32 Points

Third Place         Matthew Dunne          31 points

Fourth Place      Mark Thompson         30 Points

Fifth Place         Gareth Beavors (C)     26 Points

Nearest the pin     Sean Elliott

Two’s competition – rolls over