2020 Handicaps

Everyone that plays an event and finishes outside of the top 2 places will get 0.6 added to their handicap. Anyone that finishes inside the top 2 places and scores more than 36 points will have 0.4 for every point over 36 points deducted from their handicap.

In addition:

1st place will lose –

6 shots if handicap is 25 – 36, 4 shots if handicap is 13 – 24 and 2 shots if handicap is 0 – 12.

2nd place will lose half of that –

3 shots if handicap is 25 – 36, 2 shots if handicap is 13 – 24 and 1 shot if handicap is 0 – 12.

Current Handicap  Last updated 26/09/20

Current HandicapRoundedCurrent HandicapRounded
Gareth Beavors12.412 Richard Hardy19.620
Matthew Beecroft2.83Matthew Hayes28.629
Shaun Bell15.816Chris Hird23.423
Andy Cable13.413Wayne Holman17.417
Pete Carle19.620David Kilvington25.225
Nathan Clenell10.511Dave Little19.219
Billy Copley14.815Pete McLoughlin12.112
Nigel Croad13.614Pete Mooney21.822
Neil Davis19.019Andy Mooney25.225
Stuart Davison15.616Stuart Nice5.25
John Dempsey24.625Brendan O’Hara27.427
Kevin Dolan13.413George Reay17.017
Stuart England24.024Paul Scurfield18.619
Sean Elliott15.215Rob Sharpley16.016
Paul Fellows23.423Mal Sharpley15.616
John Gascoigne15.616Mark Thompson21.021
Andy Garner11.812Lee Warner13.413
Matthew Dunne9.610Peter Wilson14.414
Sam Harrington21.221Clint Smith18.418
Phil Spark21.021Jon White21.421
Derek Charnley26.627Joe Tomlinson16.016
Mike Dunn18.619Ben Evans21.622