Mark Thompson Vs Andy Garner

2016 Winner and retaining his title – Andy Garner

Semi Finals – Must be played on or before 21st October

John Gascoigne Vs  Mark Thompson – Mark Thompson wins

Andy Garner Vs Paul Ryder  – Andy Garner Wins

Quarter Finals – Must be played on or before 26th August

John Gascoigne Vs Gareth Beavors – John Gascoigne wins

Mark Thompson Vs George Reay – Mark Thompson wins

Andy Garner Vs Pete Mooney – Andy Garner Wins

Paul Ryder Vs Lee Warner – Paul Ryder Wins

Second Round – Must be played on or before 24th June

Nigel Croad Vs John Gascoigne – John Gasciogne wins

Gareth Beavors Vs Matthew Dunne  –  Gareth Beavors Wins

Mark Thompson Vs Martyn Johnson – Mark Thompson Wins

Billy Copley Vs George Reay – George Reay Wins

Baz Partridge Vs Andy Garner – Andy Garner goes through

John Dempsey  Vs Pete Mooney – Pete Mooney Wins

David Kilvington Vs  Paul Ryder – Paul Ryder Wins

Lee Warner Vs Dave Little – Lee Warner Wins

First Round – Must be played on or before 23rd April

Chris Hird Vs Nigel Croad – Nigel Croad wins

John Gascoigne Vs Tony Stewart-Sant  –  John Gascoigne wins

Gareth Beavors Vs Sean Elliott  –  Gareth Beavors Wins

Andy Cable Vs Matthew Dunne  –  Matthew Dunne Wins

Mark Thompson Vs Stuart Davison – Mark Thompson goes through

Brendon O’Hara Vs Martyn Johnson  Martyn Johnson goes through

Andy Mooney Vs Billy Copley – Andy Mooney goes through

George Reay Vs Mal Sharpley – George Reay goes through

Baz Partridge Vs Rob Sharpley – Baz Partridge goes through

Andy Garner Vs Pete Carle –  Andy Garner Wins

Wayne Holman Vs John Dempsey  –  John Dempsey Wins

Pete Mooney Vs Clint Smith – Pete Mooney Wins

David Kilvington Vs Pete Ratcliffe – David Kilvington goes through

Paul Ryder Vs James Dalton – Paul Ryder goes through

Lee Warner Vs Sean Davison – Lee Warner goes through

Dave Little Vs Gary Patrick – Dave Little Wins